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Reap Great Discount on Reference at Matrix Research

Avail Huge Benefits with Matrix Research’s Discount on Reference Service

Matrix Research’s discount on reference program is especially tailored to assist our clients and their clients reach their trading endeavors and goals in the Indian financial investment market and avail huge benefits from Matrix Research’s discount on reference program. Your clients usually desire to benefit as much as they can through their relationship with you and if you can deliver them even greater value then, you will surely increase their allegiance and strengthen that relationship.

Matrix Research’s Customer Referral Program

For each reference all of our client will get around 10% credits that they can utilize on their next subscription and avail huge discount percentage according to the credit percentage.

Matrix Research’s Referral Process

Suppose, if the individual you referred subscribes for Rs 20,000 then, you get 10% credits i.e., 10% of Rs 10,000 = Rs. 2,000 and this credit benefit you can utilize as a discount on your next subscription. For instance, if your referral subscribes for Rs 80,000 then you get Rs 8,000 as the discount credits i.e., 10% of Rs. 80,000 = Rs.8,000 and that you can further use on your forthcoming subscription.

Our Terms & Conditions

  • Discount credits are not transferrable.
  • Discount credits can be utilized within 6 months from the allotted time (Half Yearly and Annual). Customers can exempt gram rules anytime.
  • Matrix Research holds back the right to withdraw or alter the program rules anytime.

Benefits Matrix Research Offers with Discount on Reference Service

  • Being the industry veterans, Matrix Research leverages our affluent and diversified experience and domain expertise to bring in exceptional insights on the Indian business environment consequently allowing our clients to realize their financial goals
  • Matrix Research leverages its financial investment market knowledge and domain expertise to assist clients and their customers attain growth with value addition
  • We stand by the top ethical standards and showcase honesty and lucidity in all our dealings.
  • We empower powerful relationships with institutional traders and comprehensive acquaintance about regulatory and compliance needs to structure the best deals for our clients and their customers.
  • Matrix Research’s resourcefulness led mid-market research skills ensure that their clients recognize trends early and continuously stay ahead of the curve.
  • Act as a fully-committed and reliable financial advisor to our clients for helping them meet their strategic trading requirements through delivering domain expertise and full access to strong relationships.
  • We strive to establish lasting, reciprocally beneficial and flourishing relationships with clients through carrying out our work with integrity.

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